Charlie’s Machine & Supply is a worldwide leader in the distribution of Carrot, Onion and Potato peeling equipment; Leafy produce & Melon Washers; Carrots, Onions, Tomatoes, Potatoes, Apples - if it can be cut we have the equipment to Cut, Dice, Slice, Wedge it; Lettuce, Broccoli, Onions Dryers; Pack & Box; Scales; Sealing; Conveyors; Blades and Knives; Spare Parts and Chlorination Systems for your fresh cut food processing equipment needs. We custom design any size job – from one machine to your complete plant line.

At Charlie’s Machine & Supply we offer a full line of new and used fresh cut fruit and vegetable processing equipment. A sampling of our equipment is listed below.

As you move through our website we have embedded video demos for most of our equipment to enhance your experience with the equipment.
We specialize in fulfilling your equipment processing needs including after-sales service and parts supply needs - from the smallest to the large fresh cut processors.

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Charlie’s Machine & Supply
understands your specialized processing applications.

Air-driven Broccoli Florets
Air-Driven Dual Stick Cutter
Apple Peel, Wedge & Core
Batch Abrasive Potato Peeler
Block Cutter
Brick Stick Pack
Butternut Squash De-Seeder
Carrot / Cucumber Peeler
Chlorination System
Continuous Feed Air Knife Drying
Deluxe Tomato Slicer
Industrial Food Dryer
Industrial Food Processors
Jr. Double Wash
Jr. Melon & Fruit Washer
Lettuce Chopper/Fruit Chunker
Melon Peeler
Metal Detector
Model 6000 Band Sealer with Conveyor
Multi 1000 (Apples, Tomatoes & more)
Multi-Use Hand Cutters & Blades
Onion Peeler
Onion Slicer
Onion Top & Tail Processor
Orange Ring Cutter
Pack Table w/ Digital Scales
Pepper Corer
Pineapple Peeler
Pineapple Peeler Top & Tailer
Pineapple Peeler/Corer
Pineapple Table-Top Tube Corer/Peeler
Potato Peeler
Rotary Turntable
Single Washer
Spray & Wash Conveyor
Swirl & Wash with Chiller
Veg Dryer
Vegetable & Fruit Wash
Vegetable Shredder
Vegetable Slicer & Dicer
Water Reclamation Filtration System