Onion Top & Tailer Peeler

Designed to Top, Tail and Peel one jumbo onion every 6 seconds - up to 500 lbs. per hour. The operator simply takes an onion, places it in the holder, closes the door and in one swift movement the onion is topped, tailed and peeled. The peel is discarded into the totes below and the cleaned onion is discharged from the end of the machine into a tote or conveyor. This Top & Tailer Peeler can handle from 2 in diameter to your largest jumbo onion. Includes 2 totes.

This one does it all! Tops, tails and peels!


  • Stainless steel construction
  • Wash-down safe
  • Tops, tails and peels in one swift movement
  • Peels up to 500 lbs. per hour
  • Safety switches
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Model No. Power Requirements
Dimensions H x W x D Air Requirements
ON-TTP 115v - 1 phase 1/4 hp 46" x 28" x 54" 100 p.s.i. at approx. 70 cfm