Metal Detector

is designed to meet your product specifications to detect metal contaminants in wet fresh-cut products/applications based on electrical conductivity and magnetic permeability (i.e. ferrous, non-ferrous, non-magnetic stainless steel) testing. The Metal Detector utilizes a Digital Signal Processor (DSP) with the highest processing power of any metal detector made today, which allows it to
perform tasks at a much greater rate and provide features that would be impossible with a lesser processor. Includes Custom Aperture Size.


• Stainless Steel with Epoxy Chute
Stop Alarm
• Easy to use, reliable and durable
• Automatic Balance
• High Sensitivity
• Automatic and Manual Test
• Multi-Product Storage
• Flash Memory

Power Requirements
Dimensions H x W x D x L
MTL-DET 230v 60hz 1/3hp
84" L x 30" H x 12" Belt
14" W x 12" H