Batch Abrasive Potato Peeler

This heavy duty peeler is ideal for most firm products such as potatoes, beets, carrots, etc and is designed to peel small and large products. It has a removable abrasive (#16 grit) coated liner inside the main body. The drum is approximately 20” high and 19” in diameter. The batch
running time can be preset for consistent operation. The Batch Abrasive Potato Peeler is mounted on 2 rigid casters and 2 legs. An easy grip handle allows the unit to be tilted backward on the wheels and moved to


• Stainless steel construction
• Built-in timer prevents over-peeling and waste
• Capacity is approximately 40-50 pounds
• Lower disc plate easily removed for cleaning.
• Removable drain basket to collect solids

Model No. Power Requirements Electrical Dimensions H x D Ship Weight (lbs.)
TNT50250 230v /60hz/3ph - 1/2hp 20" x 19" 350