Apple Wedger & Corer

Our stand-alone Apple Wedger & Corer with Prep Station gives you the ability to set up an Apple Wedging cutting station just about anywhere. Made of heavy duty 2” x 2” stainless steel tubing, the Prep Station is designed to work with our Wall Mount Apple Wedger & Corer machine. Comes with a cutting platform for trimming. (A Table Top version of the Apple Wedger & Corer machine is also available.)


  • Stainless steel construcion

  • Easy to operate & clean

  • 8, 12, 14, 16 Wedge Blades available

  • Footprint of 28" x 30.5" x 58.5" Tall
  • Extra Cutting Platform - HDPE

  • FDA approved materials

Model No. Shipping Dimensions
H x W x D
H x W x D
Ship Wt. (lbs)
AWC 58.5" x 30.5" x 28" 62" x 36" x 32" 75