Chlorine and pH Testers

pH is measured by a pH Meter with an electrochemical pH electrode that indicates the acidity or alkalinity of the water. It is a critical parameter in water and wastewater treatment in municipal and industrial applications.

A. pH Tester 30 with temperature reader

pH and Temperature reading; Waterproof, Double Junction, ATC, and Auto calibration; Accuracy ±0.01 pHs. Easy to clean; EPA approved method.
Model: WD-35634-30
Model: WD-35624-38 Replacement Sensor $ 65.50

ORP Tester
ORP is a measurement of Oxidation Reduction Potential(mV) most commonly used to measure the effectiveness of water disinfection systems using sanitizers such as Chlorine, Bromine, Ozone, Peroxyacetic Acid, Hydrogen Peroxide etc.

B. ORP Tester

Waterproof tester with replaceable electrode; Auto calibration. Double junction platinum sensor, Range -999 to +10000mV, Easy to clean.
Model: WD-35650-10
Model: WD-35650-09 Replacement Tester $ 83.50

C. ORPH-04 - Portable pH, ORP and Temperature Handheld Meter Kit

Rugged Advanced pH and ORP Meter with 2 year Warranty (meter only). Complete kit includes meter with holder, meter stand, ATC probe, gel epoxy pH probe, SOTA ORP probe, pH calibration solutions, ORP checking solution and a hard carrying case
Model: ORPH-04

D. Chlorine Colorimeter

Portable LaMotte 1200 series of single test, direct reading colorimeter; displays ppm, free and total Chlorine; Low detection limit down to o.o1ppm; self diagnostics; record and recall 15 readings; epa approved. The kit includes: Colorimeter, Free and Total Chlorine Reagents, colormeter tubes with caps, and sample collecting bottle.
Model: 3670-01-LI
Model: P6740-G Refill reagent for free chlorine 1A $ 7.00
Model: P6740-G Refill reagent for free chlorine 1B $ 7.00
Model: P6740-G Refill reagent for total chlorine $ 8.29