Spray and Wash Conveyor

for Vegetables & Fruits w/Chlorination System

This low cost system is designed to wash & sanitize a wide range of product and provides room for product inspection. As product moves along the conveyor; it is inspected and then moves under overhead spray bars and is sprayed with the chlorinated water to sanitize and to remove particles of dirt, bugs and other unwanted material. The flow
control valves allow for fully
controllable spray for just the right wash (gentle or strong spray) and will provide ample water flow to do its job.

The Spray & Wash Conveyor System will spray wash most products, especially those that tend to float in other pan wash systems. (Spray bars can be mounted above and below the belt for heavier wash requirements).


  • Custom Built to your needs
  • Heavy-duty Stainless Steel construction
  • Extra hookup for wash-down hose
  • Variable Speed Drive with Control Panel
  • KVP Belt with 30% open area
  • Built-in sanitation system
Power Requirements
H x W x D x L
Ship Wt. (lbs.)
GER-SPC 230v/460v-3 phase-1 hp 34" x 18" x 144" 400