Wash and Chill Conveyor

Does a wide range of product washing and chilling. The flow of water is fully controllable for just the right wash.
Tip out conveyor for fast and easy cleaning.


  • Hydro Sive Water Filtration System
  • Pump complete with stainless steel motor
  • Variable speed washdown food grade motor
  • Self lubricated gearhead
  • FDA approved de-watering belt
  • Washdown composite bearings
Power Requirements
Dimensions H x W x D x L Ship Wt. (lbs.)
WC or
230-1 phase-3/4 hp DC motor
230-3 phase-1 hp 200 gpm pump motor
60" x 48" x 120" x 26" 800

Just a few of the features that are standard in our equipment:
Stainless Steel
Food Grade Belts
Heavy Duty Construction
Wash-Down Safe
Variable Speed