Klorman Chlorine Dispenser - for Waterlines

Is an in-line dispenser that dispenses dry Calcium Hypochlorite directly into the water line. Because the Klorman utilizes calcium as a vehicle for the chlorine, it is self-buffering when added to water. This helps keep the pH of the water at a level where more active chlorine is available for disinfecting. As a calcium-based product, the calcium actually participates in structurally strengthening cell walls while occupying and protecting vulnerable enzyme sites from pathogens. The Klorman also brightens tissue color, firms texture, and preserves and extends shelf life of all your fresh cut produce.

Based on research at the University of Illinois, the Klorman system has been proven to be 120 times more effective in killing bacteria than liquid bleach.


  • One step wash down operation
  • No bleach mixing
  • Ph stable
  • Extremely durable
  • No harmful chemical residues
  • Non-corrosive -- Non-mechanical
  • No chlorine odor
  • Pressure range 5psi - 60psi